[contemporary expressions through color and texture]


so please...

Visit my new studio at The Emerson! #110, Galleria Hall, Bozeman MT 58715 

11–5pm Tuesday – Friday

10 – 2 Saturday

Closed Sunday – Monday

And by appointment, text or call 406-404-0813

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Information about my new studio, images of my work, as well as my artistic journey from dream to realization is on it's way. In the meantime, please view my latest paintings on Facebook and Instagram.

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My paintings are contemporary expressions of color and texture. I am curious by nature and love the prospect of discovering something new — whether it’s experimenting with different mediums, paint, texture, subjects or the effect of a varnish or ink, I want to have fun and explore. I primarily paint in acrylic because the fast-drying time allows me to work quickly which produces a fresh, abstract quality that allows people to interpret the paintings how they choose and hopefully experience the same joy that I feel when I paint. I also paint with oil, using a palette knife, primarily for Plein Air painting.

I strive to make my work positive and uplifting through the use of bold, energetic brushstrokes and colors, charcoal, collage, ink and scraping back into the paintings to create more texture. My subjects include abstracts, landscapes and wildlife. I also paint whimsical, bright, funky pet portraits by commission.

My work is currently available in my studio at The Emerson; Town & Country February/March 2020; Lockhorn Cider March 2020; more info to come on Bozeman Library Atrium Gallery, Livingston Center for Arts & Culture and more shows scheduled later in 2020. I also offer fun and informative "Sip & Paint" events for groups of any size and welcome all commissions. 

So let's fling some paint and keep in touch as I continue to try and get this website off the ground...more soon!


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln



LeeAnn Ramey Art

The Emerson Center for Arts & Culture

111 South Grand Avenue

Studio #110

Bozeman, MT, USA


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